Tuesday, August 29, 2017

For a couple of weeks Te Ngahere have been writing informational reports about a chosen country. The country I chose was Japan. We had to chose three or more sub topics. These were things about the country. If we finished we had to make another doc and choose one topic for the next report.


Have you ever visited Japan? Then you would know about their massive game-cons featuring Japanese games: dance dance revolution, pokemon, final fantasy and many more. Not just gaming but their amount of people who live in Japan. Except from that I am going to be stating information about gaming, leaders and sports.

Their games they have created are amazing. Pokemon is one of the most addictive games around the world. Besides Pokemon they have one of the most rage inducing games ever, Dance Dance Revolution. People have broken walls because of this game. Soo many computers, laptops and desktops have been smashed.

Sport is popular in Japan as they have sumo wrestling, soccer, auto racing and etc... Sumo wrestling has been around for over one thousand years. The sport is held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Fukuok. The point of the sport is to either push the competitor out of the rind or to send the competitor to the ground. Soccer is another common sport in Japan that was introduced back in the 19th century.

Japanese have many different foods. Sushi, ramen/ noodles and mochi/ food pills. These foods are common around the world but originated from Japan. Sushi is sold in many Chinese and Japanese restaurant with salmon, chicken or caviar/ fish eggs. Ramen can be served with a wide range of foods such as: beef, vegetables, pork, lamb, boiled eggs and many more. Last but not least mochi. Mochi is basically ice cream formed into a ball and has a treat inside.

Japanese people do a lot of things including sports, making games and eating food. There are different places you can visit. If you go to Japan you can visit the places they hold sumo slamming or try these delicious delicacies.

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