Wednesday, September 27, 2017

William Pike

A few weeks ago in Te Ngahere  we read a book called “The Rep”. It was about a boy preparing to be picked for the rep team. At the end of the story the character was angry until he was told about a man who climbed a mountain with only one leg. His name was William Pike. WIlliam Pike lost his leg and got it amputated because him and his friend were climbing Mt Ruapehu when it erupted and rocks fell and crushed his leg.  He recently made a live stream talking about his adventure at Mt Scott in Antarctica. It was really interesting because even though he only has one leg he never gave up.


  1. Hi Ezra. I am Oh Hsen from Panmure Bridge School, in Auckland. I like how in your blurb you have explained what difficulties William Pike faced and the achievements he accomplished. I also like how you have explained what programme William Pike created and what The Kiwi Antarctic Challenge is. I also like the layout of your DLO, it's really effective.

    Maybe next time you could attribute the images you include. If you do not know how to attribute, you can simply go on my blog by clicking it, type in the search bar attribute. There are examples and steps. Anyways you have done a spectacular job keep it up

    Oh Hsen

    1. Hi Oh Hsen.
      Thank you for your comment. Next time I will attribute pictures I include. Again thank you for your comment.