Thursday, November 9, 2017


A couple of weeks ago in Te Ngahere we were learning to use the correct structure for persuasive writing. Our topic for the persuasive writing was’ Should we use Plastic bags in supermarkets?’ I am a believer that plastic shouldn’t be used in supermarkets.



What would you prefer, Plastic or no plastic? Most would say no plastic but there is also that other percent that would prefer plastic. I strongly believe that plastic bags should not be used in super markets. Here are my reasons.

Plastic bags are made from petroleum-based products. These release gases into the atmosphere which open a hole in the o-zone layer causing heat to rapidly increase. Because of the heat increase icebergs melt and water levels rise, which means sooner or later the earth could be flooded. People around the world have calculated, graphically, about how much of the earth will be consumed by water.

Natural resources, these are the best but soon will become the worst. Seafood to be precise is becoming more and more contaminated because of pollution. For example fish eat plastic that could be contaminated. Other fish could eat that fish. Then we eat that fish and we could get a disease or sickness. The pollution that eventually heads to sea contaminates sea life that we eat which basically can make us ill.

Then we have our reputation, the thing that brings tourists to our beautiful country. They support us with money because of the way we look. But if we continue to pollute and litter our homes and towns tourists will start to fade in numbers.

These are some reason why I think plastic bags shouldn’t be used in supermarkets not only for our environment but our reputation as a clean green nation.

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